May 2, 2015

breaking the hiatus

I have been so busy the past semester that updating my portfolio and blog has taken a backseat to schoolwork! But I have been shooting steadily this year! In actuality, blogging is extremely therapeutic and is something that I consider to be "productive procrastination." I plan on doing a few "recap entries" to catch up my blog to where I am currently!

Let me begin with a wonderful blogger and friend I connected with this semester, Jillian. She runs a beautiful fashion and lifestyle blog over at Rejoice In The Journey. I am so happy to have the chance to keep shooting and seeing work posted regularly! Seeing her blog made me nostalgic for my own days when I would blog on the regular. Enough talk! Here are a few of my favorites - shot from February to April of 2015:

Clothing in the first two images were graciously provided by Hemline and the gorgeous handbag pictured in the last three photos is designed by Kelly Wynne.